installing new hot water systems

New Hot Water Systems Adelaide

Has your hot water system burst, or become a costly burden?

There are two reasons to replace a hot water system:

  1. It’s “kicked the bucket” – The average lifespan of a hot water system is 8-12 years (although if well maintained, they can last much longer). This may not sound like very long, but when you think about the work it has to do, day in and day out, particularly with Adelaide’s “hard” water, it’s little wonder that the internal cylinder or ‘liner’ eventually cracks or bursts due to high heat, sediment build-up and prolonged water pressure.
  2. It’s not pulling it’s weight – If you’re finding yourself constantly running out of hot water, or with excessively high power bills, chances are, your hot water system is not big enough or efficient enough to sustain your family’s needs, and it’s time for an upgrade.
Either way, a chat with Need Hot Water will help you decide what to do. Unless you request it, we don’t just replace your current hot water unit… We take the time to talk to you – to determine the best system to suit your current needs and priorities, and to help you weigh up the options.

If you choose to replace or upgrade, we supply and install a full range of hot water systems in Adelaide:

  • Gas Storage Hot Water Systems
  • Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems
  • Gas Instantaneous Hot Water Systems
  • Electric Storage Hot Water Systems
  • Heatpump Hot Water Systems
  • Solar Hot Water Systems
  • Boiling Water Systems

The most common hot water systems are natural gas, electric and solar. Natural gas hot water systems are currently the most popular choice due to the savings in running costs and rebates available from Australian Gas Networks, for converting to gas from an electric system.

However, everybody’s needs are different. To determine the hot water system that’s best for you, we’ll guide you through a simple, over-the-phone needs assessment, recommend a course of action, and quote on it, there and then, so you know exactly where you stand.

Need hot water? Complete the form above, or phone us now on 8117 2481 for your obligation-free Quick Quote.