Burst hot water tank Adelaide

Repair or Replace?

To repair, or NOT to repair?
That is the question…

When your hot water system plays up, it can be difficult to know whether you should repair it, or replace it. So here is a quick guide to the most likely problems and outcomes…

No hot water – In most cases, the cause of no hot water is either an electrical fault or a gas fault, which can be fixed quickly and easily.

A leaking valve – A leaking hot water system tap is often caused by a worn out pressure relief valve, usually found on the side of the hot water unit. If it happens regularly or constantly, it’s not only wasting water, but energy too, because the hot water system is working when it doesn’t need to be. If the pressure relief valve is the culprit, that alone can be replaced, and the existing hot water system retained.

A leaky tank – A major leak or flooding on the ground outside your hot water system (often accompanied by a loud hissing noise and/or steam rising from the top of the unit) indicates a burst internal cylinder (burst hot water system). Unfortunately, there is no coming back from a burst cylinder.

Running out of hot water – Constantly running out of hot water indicates that your hot water system is not big enough to meet your household’s needs. Replacing it with a larger, more capable unit or better still, a continuous flow hot water system, is the only way to overcome the problem.

Energy bill seems high – Typically, your hot water system accounts for around 60% of your energy bill each year. If your hot water system is old or isn’t working efficiently it will be costing you more in electricity or gas (depending on your hot water system) than it needs to. Unless the system is leaking, the only way to rectify it, is to replace your old hot water system with an efficient new unit.

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