Self Help: Blocked/overflowing drain

Got drain pain?

Whether water’s rising up and flooding, or just taking a long time to drain away, blocked drains can be a real pain.

Blocked drains can sometimes be fixed by using a plunger to plunge the blockage free, or by pouring caustic chemicals (acids) down the drain – both are available at your local Adelaide hardware store.

However, we don’t hear too many success stories about either.

If you have them on hand, certainly give them a shot (being certain to follow the safety instructions precisely, as the chemicals are highly toxic).

Failing that, there’s not a whole lot you can do to fix a blocked drain. Most blockages are caused by tree roots entering broken drain lines, in search of water. Once there is a break in the drain, the problem’s unlikely to go away, without the intervention of a plumber armed with the right equipment.

The equipment we use to unblock drains is a state of the art Hydro Jet drain cleaner, which uses high pressure water to cut tree roots out of the way. This machine is much more efficient than the more common electric cable drain machine which can often push the blockage further down the drain line.

Since using the Hydro Jet, we’ve found that our client’s don’t need us to return to clear the problem drain, as often as they did before. This saves them both time and money into the future.

Put an end to the pain of a blocked drain… Phone us now on 8117 2481.